DVR with i-Guide

Digital Video Recorder

A DVR (Digital Video Recorder) allows you to record programming onto a hard-drive that is built-in to a cable box. You may then play the stored programming back as often as you like and whenever you like with full control to FF, REW and PAUSE the programming. These same features are available while watching live TV on a DVR such as being able to pause or rewind the channel you are watching, even if you aren’t recording it to watch later. Below are some details on these benefits.


  • Watch what you want to when you want. It’s easy to record your favorite show and watch it when it is convenient for you.
  • Watch a show and record another. With VBCS DVR you can watch the game while recording your favorite show — no more choosing what to watch, you get to watch them both and when it’s convenient for you.

Save Time

  • When watching recorded programs you can fast forward through programming you’re not interested in.
  • Instead of planning your life around when a programmer want to broadcast a program you can watch it when you have the time, with digital quality and not a scratchy VCR Tape.

Have Fun

  • You make the call…Rewind to see if the umpire was right!
  • Rewind and watch a funny, happy, or exciting scene again!
  • Pause Live TV to talk about the last scene or figure out where the plot is going.
  • Record the entire season of a show in just seconds without needing to know what days, nights or times it will be on. You can also choose to record new episodes only or include repeats.

Record High Definition Programming! (Coming Soon)

  • Can’t get enough of High Def TV! VBCS has an option for High Definition DVR which allow you to record the shows you want to watch in High definition even when your asleep, busy or away from home!

Record PPV movies and events

  • Watch and record the movie, wrestling or boxing event so you can watch it again later without having to pay again.

VBCS DVR is the best choice!

If you get a DVR from VBCS you don’t pay any upfront costs like you do with Satellite providers.

  • Experts commonly recommend consumers rent their DVR instead of buy it due to the rapid pace of technology improvements.

Parental Control

Parental controls are easy to setup viewable only by entering the PIN (Personal Identification Number) you set up.

How do I get DVR?

Give us a call and we can schedule a professional installation.

Need instructions on How to use your DVR from VBCS?

  • Click here for an online tutorial on how to use DVR functions
  • Click here to download a manual you can print out that has all of the DVR and Guide functions with easy to follow-instructions.