Cable vs. Dish

There are so many good reasonsto Stay with Cable!

Initial Cost

VBCS Digital Cable installation for a pre-wired home is significantly less than professional installation of a new satellite system which can run from $99 – $150 dollars. And, with Digital Cable you are not required to purchase additional equipment.

Multiple TV Sets

VBCS provides service to all your TV’s without the extra, expensive equipment needed for a dish system. With Cable you can watch different shows on different TV’s at the same time. With a Satellite service, to watch different channels on different sets, you’ll need to lease or buy an additional receiver for each set at a cost of $99 to $350 or more.

Local Channels

VBCS provides access to Pensacola/Mobile & Panama City broadcast stations, as well as our own VBCS 37. However, with Satellite systems, local channel availability varies from market to market. And, although recent legislation has increased availability of broadcast channels to Satellite systems, local PBS and other broadcasters may still be unavailable to you.

Weather Disruptions

With Satellite systems, bad weather or heavy clouds can often interfere and interrupt your viewing. Disruptions to Cable service due to weather is a rare occurrence.

Local Customer Service

If you need service, VBCS is right here in our community with free, on-time service calls. With Satellite companies, typically you would need to call an 800 number to a service center outside of our community.


Different Dish equipment providers offer different warranties. If your unit needs to be repaired you may need to send it way to be serviced. During this time, you may or may not be provided with a replacement unit.

With VBCS, if a piece of equipment becomes inoperable or defective, it will be replaced as soon as possible without any additional cost and with limited service disruptions.

New Technology and Upgrades

VBCS Digital Cable is better positioned to provide the benefits of new technology such as telecommunications and two-way interactivity. When these services become available, the Cable subscriber has no need to purchase an upgraded unit, whereas Satellite Dish owners will have to in order to stay current with new technology.

Long-term Commitments

As a VBCS Digital Cable subscriber, you have the option to terminate your service at any time. However, if you have purchased a Satellite system, in most cases, it is yours for good, and like it or not, it cannot be returned.

Monthly Subscription Rate

Satellite and Cable companies both pay for the programming that they provide their customers. Networks, such as ESPN and Discovery continue to raise their rates each year. Cost increases do eventually get passed on to the consumer. Satellite companies subscribers spend between $46 – $57 per month. For comparable service a VBCS subscriber with Digital Basic service pays $42.90 per month.

Programming Choices

With the advent of Digital Cable, many of the reasons why people chose Satellite services, such as wanting expanded programming choices are no longer valid.

VBCS’s Digital Cable service tripled our channel choices and offers CD-quality music channels, Pay-per-view movies and events, and an interactive program guide.

Staying with Cable Just Makes Good Sense!