Cable Card / M-Card

Digital Cable Ready Televisions (DCR TV) provide the ability for cable subscribers to access their digital, HDTV or Premium service without utilizing a standard set-top box.

These new generation television sets use a device known as a CableCARD TM that is inserted into the back of the set.

The CableCARD TM is “paired” with your DCR TV and you are then able to access the service package that you are subscribed to. Current DCR TVs are only one-way devices. This means that interactive features that you currently enjoy with the digital set-top box are unavailable when using a DCR TV in combination with a CableCARD TM.

MediaCipher Multi-Stream CableCARD (M-Card)
Based on OpenCable standards, the M-Card enables a wide variety of digital-ready consumer electronics products. The M-Card’s higher throughput rates support simultaneous viewing and recording of multiple digital video channels-and dual-tuner picture-in-picture viewing of two premium channels simultaneously-with unsurpassed cable programming security.