Digital Phone

Not all telephone companies are created equal.

At Valparaiso Broadband, we recognize each customer has different needs. We offer a full range of telephone service plans so you can pick the plan that fits you. We’re in your community, so you can depend on our 24/7 customer care and emergency 911 services.

Not only will you enjoy the savings, but you’ll love the simplicity of one provider and one bill.

There are no hidden fees.

All you pay is your montly fee and any mandatory taxes and surcharges. Directory assistance, International and Operator Assisted calling is available for additional charges.

Switching is Easy.

Just choose the plan that works best for you, pick up the phone and call us. No special phones are needed and we’ll activate all your existing phone outlets or jacks.

So, Let us provide your telephone service over the same reliable network our customers trust for cable and broadband service. We will deliver the quality you expect and you’ll be getting it from a local company, with local customer service and technical support.

Save even more by bundling your telephone with another VBCS service!