Understand My Bill

Section 1: This is what your VBCS Cable Statement looks like. You should receive this on or about the 1st of each month. If you do not please call our office.

Section 2: Includes the Service Address, Your Account Number, The dates that the service is from and to, The due date and the amount due.

Section 3: This section had an itemized summary of all activity on your account since your last billing statement. You will also notice the fees and taxes that are accessed on your bill.

Pole Attachment Fee – This is a monthly recurring fee assessed by Gulf Power to attach our cable to their poles.

Administrative Fee – A 10% charge assess by the City Commission on all cable services.

State Sales Tax – the 6% sales tax charged by the State of Florida.

Communications Service Tax – This is a tax charged by the State of Florida.

Section 4: This is a message area and also has important information about late fees and disconnection of service.

Section 5: This is the stub that should be returned with your payment. It will ensure the proper posting to your account if you return it with the provided envelope.